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Virtual Interactive Broadcasting Here! & Now!

XIVA Corporation

XIVA Corporation has revolutionized the way Publicly Listed companies, Investor Relations and Public Relations firms interact with their shareholders, constituents, and stakeholders. Our technology was designed to integrate securities law compliance and financial messaging with an enhanced two way communication vehicle in order to improve external relationships. Instead of merely communicating in a one dimensional aspect via podcasts or webinars, our real time interactive FINRA compliant platform provides a forum for public companies to conduct secure virtual interactive shareholder meetings and communicate other critical information in real time.

  • Our live interactive platform supports Investor Relations responsibility by integrating our technology with interactive communication between a company, shareholders and other interested parties.
  • Our vehicle will support the delivery of real time critical information and can also be used to manage shareholder and investor meetings from a virtual space.
  • Improve relations with weekly live updates, executive alerts, and messaging that will assist you with keeping your brand alive in the marketplace.